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High Temp
14.4 °C

Low Temp
-4.1 °C
South Newington

62.6 mm
Lough Fea

0.7 hours

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Snow/Ice From: 15-12-2018 09:00 Until: 16-12-2018 09:00 warning for: Snow/Ice Level: Yellow info button
Periods of freezing rain, with snow in Scotland later, leading to some dangerous travelling conditions. Possible travel delays on roads stranding some vehicles and passengers. Possible delays or cancellations to rail and air travel. Some rural communities could become cut off. Power cuts may occur and other services, such as mobile phone coverage, may be affected. A chance of injuries from slips and falls on icy surfaces. Bus and train services may be delayed or cancelled, with some road closures and longer journey times possible. Untreated pavements and cycle paths might be impassable because of black icehone coverage, may be affected. 

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Our home



Sun Our home on our planet as seen from space Moon age: 9 days, 60%
sunrise: 01:00
Sunset: 01:00
Daylight: 00:00
Moonrise: 01:00 (01-01-1970)
Moonset: 01:00 (01-01-1970)
Waxing Gibbous
60 % Illuminated

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Lunar cycle

First Quarter Moon Full Moon Last Quarter Moon New Moon
First Quarter Moon Full Moon Last Quarter Moon New Moon
15-12-2018 11:49
(utc) 15-12-2018 11:49
22-12-2018 17:48
(utc) 22-12-2018 17:48
29-12-2018 09:34
(utc) 29-12-2018 09:34
06-01-2019 01:28
(utc) 06-01-2019 01:28


Vernal Equinox
Start of Spring
Summer Solstice
Start of Summer
Autumn Equinox
Start of Fall
Winter Solstice
Start of Winter
Start of Spring Start of Summer Start of Fall Start of Winter
20-03-2018 16:15
(utc) 20-03-2018 16:15
21-06-2018 11:07
(utc) 21-06-2018 11:07
23-09-2018 02:54
(utc) 23-09-2018 02:54
21-12-2018 22:23
(utc) 21-12-2018 22:23

Moon phases


Current Day / Night Map  

Day / Night Map

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