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Thunderstorms From: 10-08-2020 00:00 Until: 23:59 warning for: Thunderstorms Level: Yellow info button
Areas of thunderstorms are increasingly likely to develop over the south of the UK or nearby continent late on Sunday and will generally track north or north-westwards, potentially affecting all parts of the UK at some points during this period. Whilst the most intense thunderstorms, in some instances associated with large hail, will most probably be those triggered by the high temperatures of the day over England and Wales, other areas of storms producing heavy rainfall, frequent lightning and strong gusty winds could reach further north at times over Scotland and Northern Ireland. These could occur at any time of the day. Where the storms occur, rainfall totals of 30-40 mm could fall in an hour, with some locations potentially receiving 60-80 mm in 3 hours, although these will be fairly isolated. 

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